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Spaceward Bound Expedition: Pavilion Lake 2008

Group shot of participants in expeditionPhoto by Jim Thompson, PLRP-Spaceward Bound Photographer

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Science Highlights

Contents below:


Video Introduction

Welcome to Spaceward Bound Pavilion Lake 2008


Deep Worker Science Plans
During the Expedition Follow Progress on Science Blog
Science Overview (Final Report)

Biographies of Participants:

Oded Ahronson - CalTech
Leanne Boothe
Allyson Brady - Isotope Geochemist
Zena Cardman - UNC Chapel Hill, Field Assistant
Olivia Chan - University of Hong Kong
Liza Coe - Educator; NASA Ames Education Division
Linda Conrad - Education Technology Team, NASA Ames
Alfonso Davila - Astrobiology, Planetary Sciences
Greg Drushel - University of Vermont
Alex Forrest - Chemical Process Modeling, Aquatic Chemistry
Michael Gernhardt - NASA JSC Astronaut
Jeff Heaton - Nuytco Research
Bernard Laval - Limnologist, Univ of British Columbia (UBC)
Darlene Lim - Geobiologist, NASA Ames
Dana Lis - Camp Cook
Roger Marguilis -- NASA Ames Education Art Director
Damien McCombs -- Safety and First-Aid
Chris McKay - Planetary Scientist, NASA Ames; Expedition Lead
Patricia Montgomery -- Education Technology Programs
Phil Nuytten - Nuytco Research Ltd. President and Founder

Gordon Osinski - Geologist
Rafferty Pendery - Videographer, Thermographer
Weston Pike - University of British Columbia
Steve Pointing - University of Hong Kong

Rachel Prucey, NASA Ames PAO
Mike Reay - Nuytco Resesarch
Donnie Reid - Program Manager/DSO, Vancouver Aquarium
Rebekah Shepard - Geobiologist, Astrobiologist
Greg Slater - Geochemist, McMaster University
Jim Thompson - Dive TeamPhotographer
Carol Turse - Washington State University
Dave Williams - Canadian Astronaut

Video Journals of the Expedition

Photo Journals of the Expedition


Follow the Blog relating activities at Pavilion Lake

Follow the CapCom's Log - Daily Mission Highlights

May 1: Darlene Lim in Vancouver, Canada Training on a Sub
June 23: Astrobiologists Study Microbial Life in Canadian Lake
June 24: First Days at Pavilion Lake by Jim Thompson
June 24: Deepworkers Submarines at Pavilion Lake by Margarita Marinova (on YouTube)
June 25: BC Parks erects new kiosk at Pavilion Lake
June 26: First Samples Retrieved by Submersibles at Pavilion Lake
  Underwater movie - Sub exploring South Basin Microbialites
June 27: Spaceward Bound at Pavilion Lake
June 28 Community Day at Lovely Pavake
June 30 Underwater shots
July 1 Canada Day in Lovelyilion L Pavilion Lake
July 2 Barge and Subs leave Pavilion Lake
July 11 A Lake That Looks Like Mars Scientific American, (Includes Slideshow of Pavilion Lake)
July 16 A First Hand Account of Research at Pavilion Lake by Weston Pike, Reporter
July 16 A Summary of Phase II of our 2008 field season – great field science, and tired so-longs for now
August 18 An Interview with Bekah Rebekah Shepard: The California Aggie article
UC Davis graduate student investigates ancient life forms in Canadian lake
  A Feast of Mission Photos are online

Fact Sheet: NASA Astrobiology
Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets (ASTEP)
Pavilion Lake Spaceward Bound Media Advisory
Nuytco Research
McMaster University
UBC Press Release
UC Davis Pavilion Tip
BC Parks Pavilion Lake
A History of the Pavilion Lake Research Project
Pavilion Lake Research Project official webpage
NASA Ames Research Center Mission Overview
Astronaut Bio: Dafydd (Dave) R. Williams
Astronaut Bio: Michael L. Gernhardt
Bio: Chris McKay
Bio: Darlene Lim
Publications and Conferences






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