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Spaceward Bound Expedition: Pavilion Lake 2008

BC Parks Erects New Kiosk at Pavilion Lake
Photos by Jim Thompson
PLRP-Spaceward Bound photographer
June 25, 2008

Click on photo to see larger version.

group shot at kiosk
The BC Park Service constructed a new kiosk at Pavilion Lake this summer.  The kiosk is designed to inform the community and visitors about the unique attributes of the lake and to indicate where they can carefully dive.  Rob Enns is the ranger in charge. 
Handshake illustrating partnership between PLRP team, the UBC Park Service and the local communityThe kiosk took advantage of photos Donnie Reid had taken during last summer's Lake Pavilion research project.  Its a good partnership between the PLRP team, the BC Park Service and the local community.

See caption belowDonnie Reid took the pictures on the kiosk during last year's Pavilion Lake Research Project expedition.  This is a great example of how the lake benefits when all of the groups who use it work together....

Astronaut Gernhardt doing dishes

Just for fun
Mike Gernhardt doing dishes Everybody helps out at everything here!


See caption for description

Robert Enns worked with the all the groups involved in this project to come up with a way to protect the lake and still make it available for recreational purposes

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