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Spaceward Bound Expedition: Pavilion Lake 2008


June 28 - Community Day at Lovely Pavilion Lake

Photos by Jim Thompson
PLRP-Spaceward Bound photographer

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The Ts’kw’waylaxw First Nation and Pavilion Lake Research Project invited the community to a presentation/discussion 
the evening of June 28th.

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The crowd gathered at the POW WOW Arbor.
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Robert Shinta, cheif opened the evening with a welcome and comments on how precious the land was to the Ts’kw’waylaxw First Nation.
(Bernard Laval, Darlene Lim, Robert Shinta, Donnie Reid)

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Chris McKay gave an overview of the significance of the research to exploring Mars.

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Weston Pike, a local resident, has become involved in this project is now doing graduate workat UBC.  He explained his with work with UBC-Gavia, the autonomous underwater vehicle.


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Canadian astronaut Dave Williams and
US astronaut Mike Gernhardt spoke of their work its relevancy to advancing human exploration.

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While other Deepworkers and PLRP members explained their work the crowd asked questions.

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Dave Williams speaks to community members.

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Community mingles to discuss lake issues, eat cookies and enjoy the evening


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