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Spaceward Bound Expedition: Pavilion Lake 2008


July 1 - Canada Day in Lovely Pavilion Lake

Photos by Jim Thompson
PLRP-Spaceward Bound photographer
July 1, 2008

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Canada Day in Lovely Pavilion Lake

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Canadian Astronaut Dave Williams took this shot looking out to Willow Point
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Barge prepares for Deepworker dives

See caption belowCanadian Astronaut Dave Williams
prepares to dive

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Martin Lebeuf, M.Sc.
Gestionnaire | Manager
Sciences spatiales | Space Sciences
checks out Deepworker sub


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Dave Williams and Martin Lebeuf

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Jeff Heaton, Nuytco and Dave Williams

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Martin Lebeuf, Dave Williams, Phil Nuytten, and Raff Pendrey discussing Deepworker operations

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Dale Anderson lends diver support to Deepworker operations



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