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Spaceward Bound: UAE
(February 18 - March 4, 2011)


NASA Ames Space Scientist Jon Rask demonstrates how to capture methane bubbles that form underneath the Arabian salt marshes.

Spaceward Bound UAE provided valuable information about microbial life in extremely dry environments. However, as is typical with field science, the expedition spawned many more questions than answers. UAE and NASA scientists collected valuable data that will provide the basis for further discussion and research activities.

Teachers and students from the US and UAE had the opportunity to work alongside scientists from both countries to further their science understanding. As Spaceward Bound alumni, their mission is to utilize the context of field research in remote and extreme environments to captivate students and inspire them to follow in the footsteps of researchers who investigate the great mysteries of microbial life on Earth, and potentially on other planets.

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NASA Participants:
Chris McKay - Planetary Scientist, NASA Ames; Expedition Lead
Jon Rask, Space Life Scientist, NASA Ames
Matthew Reyes - Education Specialist, Photographer and Social Media Coordinator

Image Credits: Matthew F. Reyes    

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