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Credits and Contacts

Shuttle Mir Online Research Experience is supported by NASA's Life Science Division through its Space Life Sciences Outreach Program, the Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications Program (IITA) of NASA's Office of High Performance Computing and Communications, and by NASA Ames Research Center.

Online resources provided by NASA K-12 Internet Initiative. The responsible NASA official is Karen Traicoff (traicoff@quest.arc.nasa.gov).

This project is only possible with the dedicated support of the men and women of the Shuttle Mir team who are donating their time to enhance K-12 education. A special thanks to S/MORE's volunteer experts, including Gary Jahns (Project Scientist), and Tad Savage (Project Manager), and to Roger Arno for the S/MORE Banner.

Duncan Atchison (datchison@mail.arc.nasa.gov) and Mercedes Salem (msalem@mail.arc.nasa.gov) are instrumental in bringing the Shuttle Mir resources forward by identifying Space Life Sciences staff and curriculum materials which are key to this project. Duncan and Mercedes work under the direction of Rosalind A. Grymes, Ph.D., Space Life Sciences Outreach and Education Program Manager.

This Shuttle Mir Online Research Experience Webspace was designed and implemented by Linda Conrad (lindac@quest.arc.nasa.gov), Marc Siegel (marc@quest.arc.nasa.gov), and Alan Federman (federman@quest.arc.nasa.gov).

In addition, the following people have made significant contributions to the online part of Shuttle Mir Online Research Experience: Oran Cox (oran@quest.arc.nasa.gov), Susan Lee (slee@quest.arc.nasa.gov), Nathan Hickson (nhickson@quest.arc.nasa.gov), Sandy Dueck (sdueck@quest.arc.nasa.gov), Chris Tanski (ctanski@mail.arc.nasa.gov),

The Webmaster of Quest is Alan Federman, while Quest's System Admin is Ted Hardie (hardie@quest.arc.nasa.gov).

The Smart Filters are a group of volunteers who helped process questions from classrooms via email. We welcome additional folks who would like to volunteer to help with future projects.

Our ability to handle thousands of questions is made possible by wonderful public domain software originally written by Rob Menke (rmenke@netcom.com) and later updated by high school senior Dan Helfman (witten@quest.arc.nasa.gov) who volunteered his time one summer.


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