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S/MORE Key-pal Exchange

How to Participate

Thanks for your interest in participating in our cultural exchange program with Russian schools.

We have found a school for you to participate with, a school that has both email, and web browsing capability; in fact they have quite a nice homepage themselves.

Your contact is Olga Tuzova, and both she and her fellow teachers have told us they would love to hear from you by email, or by having you check out their homepage and participate in the cultural exchange programs they have set up. Here's how to contact Olga:

Olga Tuzova, Ph.D.
Computer Science Teacher
International School of General Education
St.Petersburg, Russia
E-mail: olgatu@ort.spb.ru

If you have any good exchanges with Olga and her students, please send an electronic copy, and I'll post it on the S/MORE homepage for the whole world to see.



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