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Cultural Activities

Sample of conversations between the US and Russia

From Colorado, Nic writes:

    Dear Friend,

    I am writing you to tell you a little bit about were i live. My name is Nicholas Franklin I am about sixteen years old. I live in Grand Junction, Colorado which is in the United States of America, it is a suburban area. We have about 150,000 people in our town. We have a restaurant on each corner of the street and we have gas station's everywhere.

    Everyone has a car here but they are all different. There are all about the same type of car. When you turn sixteen you are allowed to drive your own car or someone elses it dont matter. Everyone relies on cars here, No one wants to use any other form of transportation.

    For recreation we have a movie theater and a mall which has a lot of stores in it. We have a race track for strait away cars and a lot of golf courses, a big public pool and a lot of parks.

    The schools here have a lot of people crammed in to one building so that they don't have to spend more on bigger schools. In this valley there are about ten or more different schools varying grade.How old you are is how the place you in what grade you are going to be in. They teach all the basic courses that you need to know in life and a lot of different types of recreational classes. We only have to go about 5 hours a day so it don't take to much time. I myself am not in school right know because i think that they don't have anything good to teach me or maybe it is i don't wont to listen but that is a different story i hope to tell you about some other time.

    The weather is pretty good here, we don't have much cold here but what three months a year. We don't get much snow but we have white Christmas. We have a lot more holidays than most other countries i guess we just like to party really hard. We don't have it so great i think that people just make it out to look like we do. We have a lot of responsibility we have to work in order to have our expensive cars, malls and houses. But it is still the land of opportunity or whatever. But i would like you to write me back and tell me about were you come from it is not to much to ask.


Letter from a group of students in Russia:

    Hello from St. Petersburg, Russia!

    We live in Saint-Peterburg. It is a very large and beautiful city. There are about 5.000.000 people there. St.Petersburg is a large industrial city, but there are a lot of parks and gardens there. Our famous garden Letni Sad (Summer Garden) is known to many people in different parts of the world.

    St.Petersburg is a northern city. It often rains and in winter it snows and sometimes it's very cold. And have you ever heard about Petersburg's white nights? In June and July you can walk all night and it's as light as in a day time. The sun never leaves the horizon. It's autumn now. The trees are very beautiful - they are red and yellow and still green, but it's cold and cold winds blow.

    Many architects from different countries, especially from Italy, worked in our city and you can find different styles in our buildings. And you can also find districts with great number of gardens and parks... and even forest. St.Petersburg is a "window to Europe" for Russia, because we have a large Baltic see port.

    We go to the International School of General Education. Students from the 1st through 11th grade learn there. Our students learn Math, Science, Biology, Chemistry, English, French, Literature and other subjects. Some of them learn Hebrew and History of Israel. We enjoy studying in this school, because it gives us excellent education. We like it's holidays too. We like everything about it.

    Whole classes from our school visit different theatres, museums /Russian museum, Hermitage/, concerts etc.

    All the best.

    Marina, Katya and other students from the International School of General Education, St.Petersburg, Russia.


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