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Cultural Activities

Key-pal Topic Suggestions

The following are possible topics suggested to facilitate the process of exchange between students.

Mid-September Getting to know your neighbors around the world.
    Topics of Discussion
  1. Where do you live? In a city or in the country?
  2. What type of environment do you live in? (rural, suburban, urban)
  3. What is it like where you live?
  4. What type of school do you go to? Do you like your school?
  5. What do you like and dislike about it?
  6. What types of things are there to do? (theater, museums, movies, shopping)
October What's the weather like?
    Topics of Discussion
  1. What climate do you live in?
  2. Describe some winter/summer activities that you participate in. Why?
  3. What types of sports do you play in the summer/winter?
  4. Where are popular places to go during the different seasons?
  5. What is your favorite season? Why?
  6. How many different climates exist in your country? Describe them.
  7. What types of plants and animals inhabit your climate?
November What's Cookin'?
    Topics of Discussion
  1. List traditional foods eaten in your country. Why are they traditional?
  2. What foods are eaten on special occasions and holidays?
  3. Exchange recipes of traditional/popular dishes.
  4. What types of foreign foods do you enjoy? Name some of your favorites.
  5. What is the main staple of nutrition in your area?
  6. What types of foods do you think cosmonaut/astronauts eat in space?
  7. What types of food would be best suited to take into space? Why?


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