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Great Plant Debate

Classroom Designs

Submitted by:

Mrs. Billman's 4th grade class
South Columbia Elementary
Martinez, Georgia

Our class enjoyed this project. It took a long time to agree on the design because we wanted to keep it simple, and we had a hard time figuring out how to let the plants grow out without the dirt and the water flowing out. If anyone has any questions or comments about our project, we would love to hear from you. Email us at CBillman@concentric.net. Thanks.

Plant Box Design

drawing of student plant box design

This is what we decided we needed to grow plants in space and why.

  1. Light
    Grow light that shines for 12 hours.
    The light acts like the Sun for the plant.

  2. Water
    Water is needed to help plants grow.
    Plants need water to live.

  3. Tight lid
    Lid to keep the dirt from floating everywhere.

  4. Fan
    To keep the light from burning the plants.
    To keep the air circulating

  5. Plastic beads
    Plastic beads for drainage; excess water will kill the roots. Also to keep the dirt from getting in the water holes in the pipes.

  6. Lightweight plastic container
    To hold the plant and what the plant needs; gives the plant a contained place to grow.

  7. Miracle Grow
    To give nutrients to the plants.

  8. Flexible Stopper Example = Smud
    To stick to container and allow for growth without allowing dirt to escape.

  9. Pump
    To force water and nutrients through the hollow tube.
    To water and feed the plant.

  10. Soil
    Gives nutrients and water to the plants, and holds the roots.
    Without nutrients and a way to hold the roots, the plant will die.

  11. Watering system
    Hollow plastic tube with holes.
    Brings water and nutrients to the plants.


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