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Great Plant Debate

Classroom Designs

Submitted by:

Third Grade GSP Class, Lockmar Elementary, Palm Bay, Florida
(Teacher: Mrs. Elaine S. Heine)

Plant Box Design

All parts must be mounted to the box including the soil tray. The soil will be chipped magnets mixed with crushed iron ore so that it will hold together. It will be covered by plastic mesh. A drip irrigation system is in the soil. The soil moisture probe turns the irrigation system on and off. It flows from the holding tank through the fertilizer pellet tank picking up some fertilizer and then through the irrigation system. Extra water returns to the tank. There will be an electric light. We are going to have lights increase the temperature to 80 degrees (26 C). However, when the lights are off the temperature will decrease, but it will only decrease to seventy degrees (20 C) and that shouldn't be a problem. There will be a small fan to move air through the box so the lights won't blow up. The fan will be on at all times. It will be on a tripod mounted to the wall. The light would have a timer that would turn on and off every 12 hours. If condensation becomes a problem there is a small vacuum that astronauts can use to vacuum the water into the tank.


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