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The Great Plant Debate

Classroom Designs

From St.Petersburg, Russia
Students from the International School of General Education
    Muranova Olga, 9th grade; Yavits Alexey, 7th grade; Kogan Anna, 6th grade; Vorontsov Michael, 7th grade; Kilishek Roma, 7th grade

From Somerville, New Jersey
Students at Immaculate Conception School show stages in a hydroponic growth experiment

From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Jill W. Saia writes about her 5th grade class.

From Palm Bay, Florida, USA
Third Grade GSP Class, Lockmar Elementary, submits a plan.
Teacher: Mrs. Elaine S. Heine

From Matthews, North Carolina, USA
Mrs. McDonald's sixth grade life science class at Covenant Day School

From Martinez, Georgia, USA
Mrs. Billman's 4th grade class at South Columbia Elementary

From Washington Heights, New York, USA
Ms. Herzog's Seventh Graders at The Mott Hall School

NASA Expert Designs

A. Gerard Heyenga, Ph.D.:



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