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Featured Activities

Hot Topic:
  • The Great Plant Debate: A Collaborative Activity
      Hardware design: Classrooms around the world design plant-growing hardware, debate the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches, and then compare with NASA designs. (September 22 - December 23, 1996)

      Data Sharing: Students grow plants, collecting data to share with other classrooms. Results are discussed to make sense of differences. (November 1,1996 - February 14, 1997)

  • Live interactions with NASA experts and other teachers will be offered via WebChat.

  • Cultural Activity: Students will be offered the opportunity for cross-cultural interaction to build better understanding between classrooms of diverse backgrounds. Additionally, there may be an opportunity for students to submit questions to Russian students, who in turn will pose the questions they select to the Russian cosmonauts in space on their behalf.

  • Students create material for the NASA web site, inviting interactions with other students:
      Science Fair activity: Kids submit their ideas of a good science fair project relating to SMORE. These ideas are posted online for other kids to see and comment back to the author.

      Student Stumpers: Students send in questions that they believe will challenge other students. These "riddles" are posted online for direct response to the author.


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