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WebChat: Real-time conversation with other people on the Web

Some Helpful Hints

Following are some simple guidelines for making the event a success for everyone involved:

  • When you log in you will need to give yourself a "handle" (your name during the chat.) We suggest the following format:
    • your first name, a "/" mark, your school name
    • for example: Andrea/Lincoln Elementary

  • Please do not post any pictures. While these can be fun, they often take a long time to download and disrupt the chat for participants with slower speed connections.

  • Please try and attend the session from the beginning. If for some reason you join us late, please read the comments made already during the chat. This activity will keep you from asking a question that has already been discussed.

  • Make every attempt to become familiar with the background information on the featured NASA scientist or engineer.

  • Have some fun! Learn something new!


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