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Shuttle/Mir Banner

November 14, 1996

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 2:59PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Anyone there? This is Duncan from S/MORE

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:00PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I'll be around the next hour to answer anyone's questions about the
Shuttle/Mir online project

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:01PM PDT (-0800 GMT)

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:02PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Neil, where are you writing from?

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:03PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Duncan. I'm in Macon, Georgia... I've chatted with you before but have
gotten away from keeping up with the project. How are things progressing
and what have I missed.

Mercedes/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:04PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Duncan, Hi all. 

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:05PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Mercedes 

Mercedes/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:07PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Neil are you a teacher and if so what subject(s) do you teach? 

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:11PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I am a fifth grade teacher of math and science at Rosa Taylor Elementary
school in Macon, GA. My students were very excited when I first told them
about S/MORE but I haven't kept up with the project in over a month!! How
is it going? :>)

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:11PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Well we've gotten some good designs out of the Great Plant Debate, that's
in the discusion phase now, we have the classes turn in their design, we
post them, and we also have NASA experts look them over.

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:12PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
The cultural exchange part has been hard, because we are finding that very
few schools in Russia have computers, and those that do can't access the
Web, mainly they use email.

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:13PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
How did the classes send in their designs?e-mail...?and are they on the web
site yet?

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:14PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Are the schools emailing directly to the Russian schools or do they go
through you? 

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:15PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
The designs have come in by email and snail mail, if by snailmail we'll post
them, you can see them at the SMORE home page, go click on the wheat

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:16PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
The few Russian schools we have correspond directly to us

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:16PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
How many schools are participating (sending in responses)? 

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:17PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Duncan, I signed up for the listserve a few months ago but never get
anything. Are messages going out?

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:21PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
For the actual SMORE List serve, yes you should be up to update #7. For
the cultural part, we have not been able to pair everyone up with Russian

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:22PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
For responses, we have about 590 who have signed up for our email service
updates, we've had maybe 40 schools for the cultural exchange, we have
about a dozen in the great plant debate.

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:25PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Mercedes are you there? Tell us more about what happened on the project
from your perspective

anonymous: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:28PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I guess I need to resubscribe to the listserv then. How do you get involved
with the cultural exchange and in what way? Also it seems I remember
something on your website about being able to ask questions to a the MIR
residents. Is this going on? 

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:29PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Sorry, that anonymous was me! I left the webchat page to visit your last
chat archive. 

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:30PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
No questions directly to the Mir, but we can ask questions to the support
scientists and engineers on the ground

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:31PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
How about Cuseeme? Is there a schedule yet?

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:35PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Welllll. we tried CuCme from one conference, and it didn't work the
greatest. Have you had good luck with it?

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:39PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
We've never conferenced but I have the software and have lurked. Watched
the docking with MIR on NASA TV on Cuseeme. I have a 28.8 and the
images are very "slow"! Yet I think even with it's limitations it's still a great
medium for conferencing, even if you must do it as a "chat" without
two-way (or more) video transmission. 

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:42PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
You may be interested in our discussions with experts: Tana
Hoban-Higgins, involved with the development of experiments studying
circadian rhythms of beetles, has volunteered for the November 20,
WebChat at 1000-1100 AM PST. Cecilia Wigley, Quality Assurance and
System Safety Lead, has volunteered for the December 11 WebChat from
1000-1100 AM PST. Please let me know if this works out for everyone. 

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:47PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
That sounds great. That's 1:00pm out here in the east...Will this be open for
students to participate? 

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:50PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Sure - love to have them, the more the better, I really think the topic of
circadian rhythms is fascinating - like why do kids tend to fall asleep in the
afternoon classes - its all in the circadian biology

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:53PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I have an all day meeting to be at on the 20th so my kids will have a sub but
the one on the 11th sounds interesting...Quality Assurance and System
Safety Lead sounds like a very "important" position!

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:56PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
OK Neil, look for you on the 11th if not sooner! take care.

Neil: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 3:56PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Thanks Duncan.

Duncan/NASA: . . . . Thu, Nov 14, 4:01PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
To anyone who may have been lurking, see you on the 20th for a discussion
of Circadian Rhythms, in space and on earth. Good bye for now. Duncan


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