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Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:02AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hello, Are there any S/MORE folks around?

anonymous: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:03AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bee: I hope we are starting the weekly webchat at noon today. I've been
waiting to hear about what everyone has been working on within the SMORE

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:06AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Bee, Where are you writing from?

anonymous: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:06AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bee(Arizona): Hi, Marc, I guess we came on at about the same time?

Duncan of SMORE: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:06AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Bee, Marc

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:08AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bee, Recently Duncan completed the writeup for The Great Plant Debate. It
will be online by the end of tomorrow. So that would be a good activity to
start doing. Are youa teacher? If so, what grade level?

Mercedes (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:11AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Marc! Hi Duncan! 

anonymous: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:11AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bee....Hi Duncan, Do you have any tidbits for us today? I'm starting the
SMORE projects with the third grade classrooms and the Middle School
Applied Science Classes this week

Scott (NC): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:12AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Is anyone doing anything right now with the shuttle or mars projects in their

anonymous: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:14AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bee...Hi Scott..In Sccience club we are doing the Mars project and the
shuttle. I have one program of 25 6-8th graders and one of 4-5 graders.

Scott (NC): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:16AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
GREAT...i teach sixth grade....what do you actually do with the mars

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:16AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Merfcedes, Hi Scott, One other new development this week. October 12 is
NEtDay. It is a Saturday when many schools will be having volunteers come
and help them with wiring for Internet access. As part of the day, we'll be
providing content for schools to connect with once they are online. So if you
are taking part in NEtDay, there will be S/MORE experts online from 1-2 PM
Pacific time to chat with. This will lead to lost of similar activities throuighout
the school year during normal school hours, but NetDay will kick off the

Duncan of SMORE: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:18AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
For the person who asked about the tidbits, the key thing today is the return
of Shannon Lucid, she got back to FL this morning after 188 days, a record -
Doctors say she'll be weak for a few days but fine otherwise, especially after
the candy Bill sent her.

Mercedes (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:18AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Bee, if you are looking for something interesting to do with your
classroom you should check out the culture pages of S/MORE. There you
will find different activities that your students can take part in. They will be
able to talk about themselves and their science interests at the same time with
other kids their age in other parts of the world. 

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:18AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bee, Scott, Please describe your Internet access from school. Is it one
computer on a modem or sevral on a dedicated connection. Or is it just you at
home in off hours?

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:19AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Duncan, When you say Bill, do you mean Bill Clinton sent her candy?

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:20AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
There was also a press release out this morning from Dan Goldin, NASA's
head. He said: "I had the privilege of spending just a few minutes with
Shannon Lucid after landing, and I'm happy to say she's in great shape. Her
spirits are terrific. It's always inspirational being with Shannon; she's such a
positive person. She's looking forward to getting together with her husband
and family. She'll be doing that very, very shortly.

Scott (NC): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:20AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
marc, our computers are on a huge vax system linked with the local
university...why do you ask?

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:20AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Mr Goldin continued: I also would like to say that I didn't tell the press the
proper thing. I told them she was going to come out in a horizontal position.
She asked to come out standing up, so she came out under her own power. I
went into the crew transport vehicle and there she was sitting in a chair -- just
very, very comfortable, so she's in great shape. She has to have a number of
physical tests -- we'll leave that to the 'docs' and Shannon -- but her spiritual
and emotional state is really terrific."

Bee: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:22AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Marc, We have 1 dedicated line with 3 computers connected at school, I have
my own access at home. Sharing at school can be aa lively pursuit!

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:23AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Scott, A huge VAX system linked with local university? Does that mean the
VAX supplies you with mail and news services but you also have access to
Netscape etc through your local Macs/PCs? I ask because I think what you
can do with S/MORE is dependent on what your online access is with
students. Do you agree?

Scott (NC): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:23AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
we are lucky to have a computer in every classroom and a computer lab with
30 computers...this comes in handy, especially for projects like these...

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:24AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bee. So do teachers have to sign up ahead of time to have access to the
computers? Are they in the media center or in one particular classroom.

Duncan of SMORE: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:25AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Yes, after Shannon said what she missed most was junk food, pizza and
candy, Big Mac Man Bill Clinton sent her some candy.

Scott (NC): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:25AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
marc....my students have access through my classroom computer and our
scan converter to the tv....do they each need a computer to do some of these

Bee: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:28AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Marc...So far we sign up. We have 1 in the computer lab and one in a
classroom on each wing of the school. We do have a proxima which helps
for working with the groups and viewing the pictures.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:29AM PDT (-0800 GMT)

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:36AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Scott, Sorry, my phone rang with my boss. But now I'm back. Anyway, I
don't think that every student needs a computer. But for some activities, it
might help. For example, suppose you had your students do 20 minutes of
research in the background section of the S/MORe web. Then they came
together in small groups and reported on what they learned. Then as a class
they formulated question sabout what they don't understand. Then as a class,
they discussed the best questions and they sednt those into the Q&A part of
the project. You tell me if that works educationally. And I'm not sure if the
background info is at the right level for you rkids. But if so, then that acticity
would be facilitated by multiple computers for kids. Have either of you spent
much time in the background section?

Scott (NC): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:37AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
no, i havent spent time in the background section, so that is helpful...what
level would you say the material is?

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:39AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I think Duncan knows that section better then I. Truthfully I haven't spent too
much time there myself. But I'd guess it is probably closer to high school
then 6th grade

Duncan of SMORE: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:40AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Scott, was wondering if you are going to the National Association of Biology
Teachers Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, October 16 - 19

Scott (NC): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:40AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
so really, i just need to exhaust my seacrch of the web site and it will answer
my questions, right?

Scott (NC): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:41AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
duncan...no, i am a first year teacher who is learning science as i teach
it....kind of fun...

Bee(Arizona): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:42AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Marc, We have been using the backgrond info--but because of limited access
I print it out and have each project group prepare a briefing for the rest of the
class .

Mercedes (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:43AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I have scanned through the background sections and there is a alot of material
there. Most of it is suited for high school students but I believe that some of
the information can be usefull for 6-8 grade students. This information can be
usefull if properly ingegrated into the course curriculum already being taught.
Also there is a glossary of terms for all students to use when they get stuck.

Duncan of SMORE: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:45AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
The level of much of the background is what we call "General Public", which
probably translates to about 10th grade reading level. After you look through,
please send in your questions, or pose them on the chat line here

Duncan of SMORE: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:48AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hey marc, I have a meeting from 1 - 2:30, but can call you after that, about
the 3 things you mentioned

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:48AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Scott, you wrote "if I get on the Web it will answer my questions" I think that
is a yes and no. It will probably answer some of your questions, but part of
the purpose of these weekly webchats is to answer your questions live as
well. And also, for Duncan and I to learn more about what the real issues that
you, Bee and others have so that we can help these projects better meet your

Scott (NC): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:50AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
i was wondering if there were any experiments that we could do in class that
could parallel what they are doing in the space station

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:50AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Duncan, I'll call you, isnce I've got a dentist appointment at 2:00, and might
not be back until closer to 3

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:51AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bee, so you are already having your students report on the background
section? I think you said your kids were 3rd graders. Can they handle the
vocubalary and concepts OK?

Bee(Arizona): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:51AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Duncan..Do you have any more of the details for the collaborative design

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:52AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Scott, the one experiment to do is the Great Plant debate. The full writeup
will be online hopefully no later then tomorrow, but for now, here is what it
is: ART 1: Collaborative Design Sep 22 - Oct 14: Classroom design of what
is needed to grow plants in space; at conclusion, classes share designs for
posting online

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:52AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Oct 14 - Nov. 1: Discuss various ideas, debate good and bad points, try to
reach consensus Nov. 1 - Nov 15: Get feedback from experts, some
interactions to help students see how their answers compared to NASA

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:53AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
PART 2: Data Sharing Nov 1 - Nov 22: Do the baggie experiment and submit
results Dec 2 - Dec 13: Compare and discuss different results The baggie
experiment involves growing plants and measuring their progress

Duncan of SMORE: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:54AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bee, yes, I worked with a couple of teachers, and also our scientists and
engineers to come up with a 4 page intro to the Great Plant Debate - watch for
it by weeks end online

Scott (NC): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:55AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
thanks tons!! i need to go..if i have further questions, do i have to wait till
next friday?

Duncan of SMORE: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:56AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Thanks for joining us, if you have any more questions Bee or Scott you can
also email me at datchison@mail.arc.nasa.gov

Bee(Arizona): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:57AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Marc, I have Jr. High as well as the younger kids. For the 3rd grade I use
material from MBG Net and some of the Lift Off To Learning hands on
activities so they get the concepts with more sensorial input.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:57AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Goodbye scott, We'll have these sessions every Thursday. But if you have
questions before, either duncan (datchison@mail.arc.nasa.gov), mercedes
(msalem@mail.arc.nasa.gov) (mercedes is focused on the cultural activity
with russian/american kids) or I (msiegel@quest.arc.nasa.gov) would be
happy to try to connect in between chats. 

Mercedes (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:57AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
See you at the chatroom.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:59AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Scott, Good luck. As a beginning teacher, youa re brave but heroic for using
online resources in your classroom. Surely your kids will be hte better for it.

Scott (NC): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:59AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
thank you!

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 12:59AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bee. What is MBG Net?

Bee(Arizona): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:02PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
They are interactive learning projects developed by Missouri Botanical
Gardens in St. Louis. They are eexcellent for the lower grades.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:05PM PDT (-0800 GMT)

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:07PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Bee, When you say interactive learning projects, do you mean CD-ROM?
Is there an online component. Also, I will need to be going in a few minutes

Bee(Arizona): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:07PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Thanks everyone, this was my first webchat and I've found it really fun. I'll
be waiting for the Great Plant Debate Info tomorrow.Mercedes we just started
a program with a Russian School in Kazacstan(sp) We had an exchange
teacher here for a day so the kids are very anxioius to learn more about the
Russian program.. 

Bee(Arizona): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:08PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Marc, they use CD-Rom, the net, video aand hands on activities.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:10PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bee, is there a pointer online you could share? I'm very ionterested in how
they do it. Also, what is the price for the material

Bee(Arizona): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:13PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Marc, If you can hang on a minute I'll get you the web site, otherwise it's
under Missouri Botaniccal Gardens They run from about 100 to 300 dollars
as complete collections but can be purchased individually.

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:14PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Thanks Bee. I'll gladly hold on a minute. Thanks for the info

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:14PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi there!

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:15PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Gayle, I'm getting ready to dissappear. But I'll be back later for the Mars

Bee(Arizona): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:18PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Marc.. It's mobot.org/MBGnet/ look under Kid net or something likr that.

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:19PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
See you then, have a fun time at the dentist ;D

Bee(Arizona): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:19PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Gayle. I can be here a few more minutes, Marc. When is the Mars chat?

Marc (California): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:20PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Thanks Bee. I've got to go. I enjoyed meeting you today. Hopefully I'll see
you here next week. Gayle: hopefully I'll catch you later today

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:21PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
This afternoon, evening (depending on time zones) 6pm Eastern/3pm pacific.
Hi Bee

Bee(Arizona): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:22PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Gayle Are you also a teacher?

mac: . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:24PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
hi everybody

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:25PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Not really, more of a guide, I try not to teach so much as direct them to find
their own answers. K-2, I don't think of myself as a teacher. Besides I could
never keep up with them and I hope they surpasse me in what they do.
Subversive, I know,;)

Bee(Arizona): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:26PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Mac, I think most of the SMORE staff folks just signed off. Gayle says
there's a Mars chat at 3 Pacific time later on.

Gayle (London): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:26PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Mac.

Bee(Arizona): . . . . Thu, Sep 26, 1:28PM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Have to get back to the kids... Have a good day!


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