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Shuttle/Mir Panel - sections outlined below in text

S/MORE - Shuttle-MIR Online Research Experience

S/MORE is a K-12 project providing a behind-the-scenes look at the life sciences research conducted in space aboard the Mir station. S/MORE focuses on the men and women doing and supporting this research. The goal is to encourage students' interest in science and technology careers by portraying the NASA experts as friendly people through biographies and field journals of day-to-day activities. While the project was active (Fall 1996), students were encouraged to interact with these enthusiastic folks as a way to further engage them in the process of cutting-edge research. In addition, a special activity highlights the cross-cultural nature of this US/Russian effort. Although S/MORE is no longer interactive (ie no more chats or email responses), the archive will remain available indefinitely and remains educationally useful.

The S/MORE Web pages include:

  • Project News: recent updates
  • Featured Events: project segments to stimulate students
  • The Shuttle-Mir Team:
    • Biographical sketches of the men and women of the project will help students relate to the project at a human level.
    • Journal reports from Mir personnel describe their day-to-day activities and their particular role in the project. These reports will help students understand the diversity of people and skills that are needed for success in a modern science project.
  • Background information:
    • Mir space station
    • Microgravity
    • Science
    • Related Web pages
  • Photo Gallery: interesting and relevant images
  • Teacher's Resource Center:
    • A place for discussion among teachers (available through email or Web)
    • Classroom activities
  • Student Activities:
    • Projects for kids
    • Gallery of student work
    • Gallery of participating classrooms
  • Cultural Activities provide the opportunity for cross-cultural interaction to build better understanding between classrooms of diverse backgrounds.
  • Questions provide an ability for students to ask questions of project participants via email.


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