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Shuttle/Mir Banner

S/MORE Photo Gallery

I. Shuttle Mir exteriors

    Thumbnails for this section.

    docking-imax.jpg-The space shuttle Atlantis moves the last few feet before docking with Russia's space station Mir.(18k)
    docking.jpg-The orbiter docking system and the docking module on Mir appear near the center of this frame, as Atlantis and Mir link in Earth orbit.(29k)
    mir1.jpg-This view captures the elements of Russia's Mir space station.(31k)
    mir2.jpg-This view shows part of Russia's Mir space station backdropped over the Sahara Desert.(26k)
    mir3.jpg-Mir's Soyuz and Kvant 2 modules.(29k)
    mirfromfar.jpg-Russia's Mir space station appears near the center of this frame.(6k)
    mirfromfar2.jpg-Russia's Mir space station is seen from the aft flight deck of the shuttle Atlantis.(20k)
    mirfromfar3.jpg-Mir is seen from the aft flight deck of Atlantis.(27k)
    rmsarm.jpg-Canadian astronaut Chris A. Hadfield is pictured near the remote manipulator systems controls.(29k)
    shuttle.jpg-The forward cargo bay and the entire top exterior of the crew cabin of Atlantis.(25k)
    spacewalk2.jpg-A walk in space.(22k)
    spacewalk3.jpg-Astronauts Michael R. Clifford (right) and Linda M. Godwin work together on the port side of Atlantis' aft cargo bay during a scheduled space walk.(21k)
    spcwalk.jpg-On the port side of Atlantis' cargo bay, astronaut Michael R. Clifford takes part in a space walk.(23k)

II. Shuttle Mir interiors

    Thumbnails for this section.

    airlock.jpg-Astronaut Linda M. Godwin, STS-76 mission specialist, changes into her extravehicular mobility unit space suit in the airlock.(17k)
    battery.jpg-Richard A. Searfoss fetches a battery that is to be transferred to Russia's Mir space station.(32k)
    clifford2.jpg-Michael R. Clifford gets ready for his upcoming space walk.(21k)
    cockpit.jpg-Astronauts Kevin P. Chilton (left) and Richard A. Searfoss man the commander and pilot stations for the rendezvous and docking procedures with Mir.(30k)
    cosmo-unstow.jpg-Shannon W. Lucid shares supplies-unstowing duty with one of two Russian cosmonauts.(29k)
    details.jpg-Astronauts Kevin P. Chilton (left) and Ronald M. Sega check over details on the mid-deck of Atlantis in support of a scheduled space walk.(22k)
    dminstall.jpg-The docking module is seen just after installation in Atlantis' cargo bay.(17k)
    farewell.jpg-Astronauts Linda M. Godwin and Ronald M. Sega (left) pose for their final in-space photo with cosmonaut Yuriy I. Onufrienko.(28k)
    gear.jpg-Astronauts Kevin P. Chilton (left) and Ronald M. Sega check over details on the mid-deck of Atlantis in support of a scheduled space walk.(30k)
    gifts.jpg-Two Russian cosmonauts and five of six NASA astronauts exchange gifts soon after reuniting in the base block module of Russia's Mir space station.(35k)
    glove.jpg-A curious cosmonaut, Yuriy I. Onufrienko (left) tries on a glove in the airlock aboard shuttle Atlantis.(28k)
    goodbye.jpg-Astronaut Kevin P. Chilton gets a warm good-bye from cosmonaut Yuriy V. Usachov.(25k)
    gyro1.jpg-Astronaut Michael R. Clifford prepares to move a gyrodyne from Atlantis onto Mir.(28k)
    gyro2.jpg-Astronaut Michael R. Clifford secures a stowed gyrodyne.(20k)
    lastchat.jpg-Astronaut Michael R. Clifford (right), STS-76 mission specialist, says good-bye to cosmonaut Yuriy I. Onufrienko.(24k)
    lucid1.jpg-As she floats from one spacecraft to another, astronaut Shannon W. Lucid is surrounded by a large delivery of new supplies for the Mir station.(25k)
    mircrew.jpg-In the base block module of Mir, Shannon W. Lucid joins the Mir-21 crew to begin the first leg of her five-month stay.(33k)
    portrait.jpg-The crew of Atlantis joins the Mir-21 crew for a traditional in-flight portrait.(36k)
    priroda.jpg-No description.(23k)
    reunion.jpg-Continuing an in-space tradition, astronaut Kevin P. Chilton (right) shakes hands with cosmonaut Yuriy Onufrienko.(23k)
    thumbs.jpg-This triumvirate of thumbs-up symbols refers to a successful hatch closing.(27k)
    tunnel.jpg-Astronaut Michael R. Clifford checks stowed bags filled with space-walk supplies.(15k)
    window.jpg-Astronaut Linda M. Godwin peers into the crew cabin of Atlantis.(19k)
    workout.jpg-Astronaut Ronald M. Sega works out on the mid-deck of Atlantis.(20k)

III. Shuttle Mir biology research

    Thumbnails for this section.

    baro.jpg-This Baroreflex device measures heart rate and blood pressure responses to pressure stimuli applied to the neck.(35k)
    bike.jpg-This Russian bicycle is used to maintain crew fitness.(21k)
    bloodcells.jpg-Red blood cells are monitored to see how they are produced and how they change in space.(14k)
    blood_diag.jpg-A diagram and explanation of how the blood in our bodies reacts to being in space.(22k)
    blowing.jpg-This Baroreflex device measures heart rate and blood pressure responses to the valsaliva maneuver.(30k)
    bone.jpg-A microscopic image of bone is used to study the effects of space on bones.(21k)
    earthxtal.jpg-A picture of crystals grown on Earth.(15k)
    equilibrium.jpg-This woman attempts to regain her equilibrium after a sudden push.(27k)
    harvest.jpg-The Greenhouse Experiment Harvest Kit is used to take samples of dwarf wheat grown during this experiment.(26k)
    headeye.jpg-Coordination of head and eye movements in space are evaluated by this device.(35k)
    lowerbag.jpg-This negative pressure bag pulls fluids into the lower body while heart rate and blood pressure are monitored.(70k)
    mass.jpg-This Russian mass-measuring unit allows scientists to monitor body mass.(25k)
    metab.jpg-Metabolism studies rely on periodic blood draws from crew members.(41k)
    quail.jpg-This Russian quail incubator carries fertilized quail eggs into space.(28k)
    ratmuscle.jpg-Cross sections of rat muscle show the effect of space on muscles. Left=Earth, Right=Space.(45k)
    SAMS.jpg-The SAMS measures and records accelerations caused by activity such as engine firings or crew motions.(15k)
    spacextal.jpg-A crystal grown in space.(11k)
    storage.jpg-Astronauts store blood, urine and saliva samples in a specially designed refridgerator-freezer.(27k)
    testing.jpg-The blood, urine and saliva samples are tested back on Earth for changes in volume and composition.(20k)
    treadmill.jpg-Crew performance on the treadmill is used to evaluate muscle tone and strength.(45k)
    treadmill2.jpg-Crew locomotion is studied before and after the flight to contrast the differences.(27k)
    wheat.jpg-This dwarf wheat is grown in space.(40k)
    xtalgrower.jpg-This device is used to grow crystals in space.(17k)
    xtalsstudy.jpg-Pictures of crystals and an explanation of the study of crystals.(54k)


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