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Welcome to Student Stumpers

Student Stumpers is a site created for students to connect with other kids who are also participating in the project. In this section, students make up challenging questions about this project that they think would be difficult to answer. Below we will list the questions. Other students then email their responses directly to the student author of the question. Send your Student Stumpers to me: Linda Conrad. I will put them online for others to respond directly to you.

Received December 3, l996:

    S/MORE Team Who am I?
    We can no longer link this to Mountain View School - hope you enjoy it anyway!

Things to consider before you post: Please remember when your address is on the Internet you are open to responses from anyone who wishes. You will need to use good judgement when receiving and answering email from someone you don't know. A couple of guidelines which can make this a truly worthwhile experience:

    Avoid giving your address, telephone, school location, or any information that could lead to an unwanted contact.

    Be courteous when you respond to email. Remember, there is a person who will be receiving your mail.

    If you have any question about what you read or if anything you receive is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable, please report promptly to your teacher, parent and please let me know as well.

During the course of this project, I would like to hear from you as to how the experience as a Student Stumper is going.

A note to teachers: Whenever a student uses the Internet, it is important that they are aware of some guidelines for "acceptable use." In the event that you should need some help in formulating your policy, there are lists online of existing policies which can help.



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