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Who am I?

We can no longer link the answers to Mt. View School - It should be fun anyway!

I love all foods but Chinese and Mexican are my favorites. I started my own garden to make salsa. Who am I?

I did volunteer work at the San Diego 200 during college and this helped me get a job in the space program. Who am I?

I love biking and beach sports. I ride 16 miles to work. I don't get a lot of stress. Who am I?

I am working with the beetle kit project. I graduated form Cal Poly in 1993. I have a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Who am I?

I am a senior scientist who wants to stay in NASA for another 5 to 10 years. Who am I?

I have two dogs. Who am I?

I have three cats named Spats, Zipper, and Simba. I have one dog named Beau. Who am I?

I am the principal investigator. Who am I?

I cowrote and sang two songs on a compact disk. I played the saxophone as a child. Who am I?

I attended Auburn University in Alabama. I majored in business and did well in math and science. Who am I?

I had three pets but two died. Who am I?

One of my goals is to discover a comet. Who am I?

I have created an educational CD-ROM program for students about the effects of microgravity on the cardiovascular system. I live in San Jose but was born in Iran. Who am I?

I like to eat pizza and watch Murphy Brown, the X Files and Star Trek. Who am I?

My advice to kids is to always follow what you think is best for you. Who am I?

I am the only one who is in High School and is working on this NASA project. I sifted turface and worked with Russians planting plants in the turface. Who am I?

I used to work in Chicago but moved to California to work in the defense industry. Who am I?


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