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Space Shuttle Countdown: Landing to Launch

secosh photo
Brandt Secosh

Join your hosts Brandt Secosh
and Mike Ciannilli

Live from the Kennedy Space Center

This series will follow the processing of the Shuttle from landing through Launch, introducing you to the people of NASA who are responsible for the various jobs involved. Each episode will surround a WebCast accompanied by a full complement of chats with NASA experts who are working in the area covered by the preceding episode. Preparation and lesson materials will be referenced to assist teacher use in the classroom. Lesson plans will be gathered from a variety of sources, and we will make every attempt to cover a variety of curricular needs. These will include primarily fifth grade through university materials, but there are easy adaptations for younger and older students. We encourage your creativity and would be delighted to have you share your ideas with us. Feel free to send your contributions and concerns to: Linda Conrad.

ciannilli photo
Mike Ciannilli
Courtesy of the United Space Alliance

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Programming Schedule 1999-2000

September - October - November - December - January - February - March - April - June
Webcasts only:

See Archives for details

Watch Part 1: Introduction
Watch Part 2: Landing: A new beginning
Watch Part 3: Orbiter Processing Facility
Watch Part 4: Vehicle Assembly Building
Watch Part 5: Launch Control Center
Watch Part 6: The Long Trip to the Launch Pad
Watch Part 7: Astronaut Preparation
Watch Part 8: The Launch Pad


September: Part 1: Introducing the series

October: Part 2: Landing, a new beginning

    Chat with Mark Weller, Facility Systems Electrical Engineer

    Chat with Larry Parker, Air Traffic Controller

November: Part 3: Orbiter Processing Facility

    Chat with Grant Palmer, Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer

    Chat with Jenny Lyons, Vehicle Manager

December: Part 4: The Vehicle Assembly Building

    Chat with Mike Ciannilli, Test Project Engineer

January: Part 5: The Launch Control Center

    Chat with Doug Lyons, Shuttle Test Director

February: Part 6: The Long Trip to the Launch Pad

    Chat with Mike Ciannilli, Test Project Engineer

March: Rescheduled Part 6: The Long Trip to the Launch Pad

    Panel discussion with:
      Frank Merceret, Chief of the Applied Meteorology Unit
      Ken Schrock, Engineer, Global Positioning System
      Leslie Ringo, Flight Simulation Engineer, Vertical Motion Simulator
      Andrew Petro, Spacecraft Design Engineer

    Panel discussion with:

      Tracy Gill, Space Station Utilization Division
      Diane McMahon, Payload Integration Manager

    Panel discussion with:
      Jenny Lyons, Vehicle Manager
      Chuck Davis, Storable Propellants Engineer

    Panel discussion with:

      Mike Moses, Space Shuttle Flight Controller
      Lisa Shore, Ascent Flight Dynamics Officer
      William Foster, Ground Controller, White Flight Control Room
      Tim Terry, Simulation Supervisor
      Robert Dempsey, Flight Controller, International Space Station

    Chat with Ron Woods, Flight Equipment Engineering Technician

    Chat with James Peters, Scientist, Assembly Operations and Launch to Activation Procedures

    Chat with Perry Becker, Lead Engineer, Shuttle Structures and Transporters

April: Astronaut Preparation

    Chat with Felix Soto Toro

    Webcast with Astronaut Sam Durrance and daughter, Susan.

June: Part 6: The Launch Pad

    Chat with Jim Draus


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