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Credits and Contacts

Please note: The persons listed and linked below are primarily responsible for placing the materials of this project online. Questions requiring conventional NASA expertise should be directed according to directions at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/space/ask/question.html

Female Frontiers is a Sharing NASA project. These online resources are provided by NASA's Quest team located at the NASA Ames Research Center. The Quest Project, NASA's K-12 Internet Initiative, is supported by the NASA Learning Technologies Project (formerly IITA) of NASA's Office of High Performance Computing and Communications.

The responsible NASA official is Karen Traicoff (traicoff@quest.arc.nasa.gov).

Female Frontiers is a joint effort of Women of NASA, Space Team Online and Learning Technologies Channel.
Executive Producer for Women of NASA is Tish Krieg (tkrieg@quest.arc.nasa.gov)
Project Manager for Space Team Online is Linda Conrad (lindac@quest.arc.nasa.gov)
Executive Producer for Femal Frontiers webcasts is Andrea McCurdy (amccurdy@mail.arc.nasa.gov) Project Manager for Learning Technologies Channel is Kate Weisberg (kweisberg@mail.arc.nasa.gov

This project is only possible with the dedicated support of the women who have volunteered to participate. These women are donating their time to support K - 12 education and Quest's mission to encourage young people to pursue math, science and technology careers, and learn more about their future choices.

Curriculum for the Female Frontiers project was developed by Susanne Ashby, Curriculum Development Specialist and IB Hur, a graduate student intern. IB was also responsible for the web version of the lessons, and Amberlee Chaussee was responsible for the graphic layout and formatting of the printable version. Two puzzles were contributed by Caroline Readman.

The graphics for this site were provided by Erin Lynn Weikle of the RSPAC Graphics Team. Photography and other historic resources have been generously contributed by Carol Osborne (AV8pioneer@aol.com). Carol is an Aviation Historian and maintains the Aviation Archives http://www.womeninaviation.com. Photographs by Carol L. Osborne are copyrighted 1998. All rights reserved. Elizabeth Share of the Autodesk Foundation is our Women of the World project consultant. Chris Tanski (ctanski@servtech.com) provides invaluable web work and copy editing.


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