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Space Shuttle/Station News* Headlines

1997 Press Releases

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  • June 25, l997: NASA Launch Manifest is Released

  • June 24, l997: Jett Assumes Nasa Manager Position in Russia

  • June 23, l997 Shuttle Mission Reflight in Quest of Scientific Mysteries

  • June 20, l997: July 1 Selected for Mocrogravity Sciences Laboratory Reflight

  • June 13, l997: Astronauts McMonagle, Harbaugh Take on New Assignments

  • June 9, l997: Kennedy Space Center Announces New Appointments

  • June 9, l997: Spacewalkers Named for Space Station Assembly Flights

  • June 4, l997: Columbia Passes Milestone Toward Quick Reflight

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  • May 20, l997: IMAX to Document Space Station Assembly in 3-D

  • May 19, l997: NASA Awards Grant to Cleveland Clinic to Study the Effects of Space Flight on Astronauts' Hearts

  • May 15, l997: Space Station Control Board Approves New Assembly Schedule

  • May 14, l997: Biennial Astronaut Selection Process Begins

  • May 9, l997: International Space Station Status Briefing Scheduled

  • May 1, l997: NASA Awards 36 Microgravity Research Grants

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  • April 29, l997: NASA Sponsors International Space Station Videoconference

  • April 25, l997: Microgravity Science Laboratory Mission Set for July; Remaining 1997 Shuttle Manifest Adjusted Slightly

  • April 1, l997: Shuttle Experiment to Study Medicinal Properties of Plants

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  • March 28, 1997: Shuttle's New Lighter, Stronger External Tank Completes Major Pressure

  • March 25, 1997: Space Science and Human Space Flight Enterprises Agree to Joint Robotic Mars Lander Mission

  • March 21, l997: NASA Managers Set April 3 as Launch Date for the Microgravity Science Laboratory Mission

  • March 12, 1997: Pre-Flight Briefings for Upcoming Microgravity Science Laboratory Flight Set for March 18

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*Additional space station news is available at http://www.usatoday.com/life/science/space/lss198.htm


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