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Space Shuttle/Station in the News* Headlines

1999 Press Releases


    December 28, 1999: KSC Ends Another Year Successfully and Greets the Next Millennium with a Full Slate of Activities

    December 27, 1999: Space Shuttle Discovery glided to a smooth landing

    December 26, 1999: Crew turned its attention to preparing for the return to KSC

    December 25, 1999: Discovery's astronauts delivered a Christmas present to the world today,

    December 25, 1999: Christmas Day onboard the Shuttle Discovery

    December 24, 1999: Discovery astronauts completed their third and final space walk

    December 24, 1999: Hubble Space Telescope is scheduled to receive its final upgrades

    December 23, 1999: Hubble Space Telescope received a new advanced computer

    December 22, 1999: Discovery astronauts completed the two highest priority tasks

    December 21, 1999: Santa to check out new vehicle hangar at Shuttle runway

    December 21, 1999: STS-103 Mission Status Report #03
    Discovery astronauts completed a successful rendezvous...

    December 21, 1999: STS-103 Mission Status Report #03
    Discovery is on track for its rendezvous with the Hubble Space Telescope...

    December 20, 1999: STS-103 Mission Status Report #02
    Trailing the Hubble Space Telescope by about 3,700 nautical miles...

    December 19, 1999: STS-103 Mission Status Report #01

    December 16, 1999: 1999 International Space Station Status Report #49

    December 13, 1999: Launch Countdown for STS-103 Set to Begin December 14

    December 13, 1999: Weather Buoys Vital for Forecasts but Need Seclusion

    December 7, 1999: Airspace, Bridges and Waterway Restrictions in Effect for all Space Shuttle Launches

    December 2, 1999: Status Report #47: International Space Station's altitude raised

    December 2, 1999: Launch of Hubble Servicing Mission Set for December 11



    October 28, 1999: International Space Station Status Report #42

    October 27, 1999: First Female Shuttle Commander Eileen Collins Receives Jackie Robinson Medal

    October 26, 1999: International Space Station's orbit was raised, ISS Status Report #41



    August 26, 1999: NASA Unveils First Images from Chandra X-Ray Observatory

    August 24, 1999: NASA, Thiokol Complete $1.7 Billion Shuttle Motor Agreement

    August 23, 1999: First Images from Chandra X-Ray Observatory to be Released

    August 17, 1999: NASA to Host Houston Conference Exploring Commercial Interest in Space Station Living Quarters


    July 21, 1999: New Center Aims to Improve Food in Space and on Earth

    July 15, 1999: Reporters Invited to Apollo 11 30th Anniversary Events

    July 15, 1999: NASA Scientists use Satellites to Help Track a Disease and Keep it Under Control

    July 15, 1999: "Art Aboard!"--NASA Art Rides the Rails to Tour U.S.

    July 13, 1999: Armstrong and Aldrin to Meet Press in Florida

    July 9, 1999: NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin's Statement on the Death of Charles "Pete" Conrad

    July 9, 1999: Third Man to Walk on Moon Dies in Motorcycle Accident

    July 9, 1999: NASA Managers set July 20 as Launch Date for CHANDRA Telescope

    July 2, 1999: Historic Glenn Mission Helps Explain Solar Mystery


    June 29, 1999: Scientific "Fireworks Display" Set for East Coast in July

    June 25, 1999: Briefings set for Launch of Next "Great Observatory" in Space

    June 25, 1999: Investigation Finds Design Errors Caused Wire Spacecraft Failure

    June 25, 1999: X-34 Rocket Plane takes to the Sky as part of Safety Check

    June 16, 1999: NASA Selects Key Space Flight Managers


    May 19, 1999: Glenn to Discuss Space Flight, Aging Studies May 25

    May 19, 1999: Managers Set May 27 as Target Launch Date for Discovery

    May 19, 1999: Terriers Satellite Out of Power; Recovery Team to be Formed

    May 14, 1999: Student-built Satellite Scheduled to Launch May 18

    May 14, 1999: STS-96 Mission Press Kit Available Online

    May 14, 1999: Discovery Launch Postponed to Repair Fuel Tank Hail Damage

    May 10, 1999: NASA, USDA Will Bring Space Technology Down to Earth

    May 4, 1999: NASA to Rename Center in John Glenn's Honor

    May 4, 1999: NASA Working to Improve Crime-Scene Technologies

    May 3, 1999: NASA Telemedicine: Improving Health from a Distance



    March 25, 1999: NASA Experiment Lays Groundwork for 'Living off the Land' on Mars

    March 25, 1999: Space Shuttle Simulation - Live on the Internet

    March 12, 1999: Shuttle Veterans Complete Hubble Servicing Crew

    March 12, 1999: NASA Selects Top Inventions of the Year

    March 11, 1999: Space Research May Accelerate Development of Flu Fighting Drug

    March 8, 1999: NASA to Commemorate Spacelab: A Bridge to the Future

    March 3, 1999: X-33 Launch Site Briefing Set for March 5

    March 1, 1999: NASA Administrator Appoints Daniel C. Tam Special Assistant for Commercialization

    March 1, 1999: NASA Announces Field Center Name Change


    February 26, 1999: X-34 Arrives at NASA Dryden for Tests

    February 24, 1999: Space Shuttle Development Conference Set for June; National Forum to Focus on Shuttle of the Future

    February 22, 1999: Chandra will target the age of the Universe

    February 18, 1999: NASA Aircraft Takes Student Experiments to New Heights

    February 12, 1999: Cosmonauts Named to STS-96 AND STS-101

    February 11, 1999: Guidoni to Accompany First Italian Space Station Element to Orbit

    February 5, 1999: Launch Advisory: Space Shuttle Managers Reorder Next Two Flights, Set Planning Launch Dates for other 1999 Missions

    February 4, 1999: Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel to Present Report to NASA

    February 4, 1999: Space Station Crew Return Vehicle to take Final Test

    February 3, 1999: X-33 Metallic Heat Shield 'Ready for Flight'

    February 1999: SpaceTalk by Jim Lovell: Soaring Above the Setbacks: African-Americans in Space


    January 28, 1999: NASA Uses Internet to Feature Women, The First in Their Fields

    January 21, 1999: NASA Scientists, Engineers will Talk to Students on the Internet during Black History Month

    January 20, 1999: NASA Announces Delay in Shipment of Chandra Observatory

    January 15, 1999: NASA Hurricane Study Reveals Intriguing Results

    January 7, 1999: STS-95 Crew to visit Washington

    January 7, 1999: NASA Technology Assists in Detecting Natural Oil Seeps in the Gulf of Mexico

1998 Press Releases

1997 Press Releases

*Additional space station news is available at http://www.usatoday.com/life/science/space/lss198.htm


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