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Liftoff to Learning Videos

Videos may be viewed using free RealPlayer.
Click on the resource guide link to get additioonal information concerning each video

photo of astronaut eating in space

Living in Space

Space travelers in orbit above the Earth must do the same things inside the spacecraft to live as we do on Earth. They eat, work, exercise, relax, maintain hygiene, and sleep. The only significant differences from living on Earth are that they operate in the confines of the space shuttle and all objects inside the cabin float.(1994, 10 min) resource guide
photo of astronaut walking in space

Go for EVA

The reasons for wearing space suits during the space walking missions, how space suits work and the kinds of jobs astronauts perform while space walking are explained.(1991, 14 min) resource guide
drawing of human body

All Systems Go

This video discusses the reasons for and demonstrates some of the physiologic changes that occur in the human body while in the microgravity environment.(1992, 34 min) resource guide


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