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The Great Mars Debate

photo of mars surface
photo of mars surface
photo of mars surface
photo of mars surface

February 5 - February 9, 2001

Forum 2/5 - 2/9
Live Webcast 2/9 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET



[Educational Objectives and Standards]

[Supporting Educational Material]

[How to Participate]

[See the Video Interviews NOW]

[View the Archived Webcast]

[Read the Archived Debate]


Supporting Educational Material
for Students and Teachers

The supporting material is comprised of two separate but interrelated areas:

    Teacher Preparation

  • Educational Objectives and Standards
  • Video clips of scientists
  • Lesson Plans
  • Web sites to research
  • Extensions
  • Follow Up
    Student Preparation
  • Scientific Goal and Questions
  • Video clips of scientists
  • Images of Mars landing sites
  • Web sites to research
  • Extensions



Questions and comments about this event can be sent to: tkrieg@quest.arc.nasa.gov


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