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Below are official NASA press releases, provided by NASA Headquarters. Additional news releases will be added to this listing periodically. To subscribe to the press release distribution list via e-mail, visit the NASA headquarters home page at http://hq.nasa.gov.

2000 NASA Press Releases

More Space Science News


December 21, 2000: NASA, NOAA Gain Unprecedented View of Angry of Solar Cycle
December 11, 2000: Students Using NASA and NSF Data Make Stellar Discovery; Win science Team Competition
December 7, 2000: NASA, FEMA Partner to Use Science and Space Technology for Disaster Prevention
December 4, 2000: Evidence of Martian Land of Lakes Discovered


November 29, 2000: Astrobiologists Find Evidence of Early Life on Land
November 28, 2000: Science Team Chosen for Space Interferometry Mission
November 24, 2000: NASA Astrobiology Architect, Dr. Gerald Soffen, Dies
November 21, 2000: The Sky's the Limit: Science Teams Chosen for Space Observatory
November 14, 2000: NASA Program Helps Brain-injured Patients Reach for the Stars
November 13, 2000: Leonid Meteors Yield Rich Astrobiology Research Results
November 3, 2000: NASA Cancels Miniature Rover for Joint Japan-U.S. Asteroid Mission
November 3, 2000: Unique Satellite Duo on Target for Nov. 18 Launch
November 2, 2000: Scientists Peer Into the Future via Supercomputer Simulations


October 26, 2000: NASA Outlines Mars Exploration Program for Next Two Decades
October 24, 2000: Spacecraft Double-team the King of the Planets
October 16, 2000: Nobel Prize Laureate Appointed as Senior NASA Advisor
October 4, 2000: Astrobiologists Zero in on Search for Clues to Life
October 2, 2000: NASA Space Science Education Resource Directory Available Online


September 29, 2000: NASA Creates New Enterprise Focusing on Biology
September 28, 2000: NASA's Langley [Research Center] First Stop to Look at Impact Crater's "Blast from the Past"
September 26, 2000: Fountains of Fire Illuminate Solar Mystery
September 21, 2000: Asteroid Eros Yields Secrets from Time Before Earth Was Born
September 14, 2000: Landmark Commercial Technology Agreement Gives Biotechnology Research A New Dimension
September 11, 2000: Tropical Depressions Can't Hide Behind Clouds Anymore
September 8, 2000: Computer Simulation Reveals Ups and Downs of Jupiter's Winds
September 7, 2000: Largest-ever Ozone Hole Observed Over Antarctica
September 7, 2000: SOFIA Successfully Completes Critical Design Review (or "SOFIA Makes the Grade!")


August 29, 2000: New View on the Culprits of Climate Change Published
August 25, 2000
: Galileo Evidence Points to Possible Water World Under Europa's Icy Crust August 21, 2000: Scientists Cut through the Clouds to See the Shifting Arctic Ice
August 18, 2000: Cosmic Gas Clouds Yield Puzzling Concentrations of Water (or Astronomers are Running Hot and Cold about Water in the Solar System)
August 15, 2000: Deep Space 1 Spacecraft Keeps Going . . . and Going . . .
August 14, 2000: African Scientists on "Safari" Mission Study African Smog/Ecosystems
August 10, 2000: NASA Plans to Send Rover Twins to Mars in 2003
August 7, 2000: Hubble Discovers Missing Pieces of Comet LINEAR
August 1, 2000: Pacific Decadal Oscillation Packs a One-Two Punch (or The Pacific Ocean has Dramatic Mood Swings!)


July 31, 2000: Flying Laboratory Begins Pacific Rim Earth Science Studies
July 27, 2000: NASA's Two Great Observatories Keep Their "Eyes" on Comet LINEAR (or LINEAR Temporarily Loses It's Head!)
July 27, 2000
: NASA Goes Back to the Future with Plans for a Mars Rover (maybe two!!) in 2003 July 20, 2000: A School Community Living in the Bronx Explores "Living on Mars" through Art July 20, 2000: NASA Scientists Detect Rapid Thinning of Greenland's Coastal Ice
July 19, 2000
: Time Travel through a Trail of Comet Dust
July 19, 2000
: Cuddling Up in a Quilt of Gamma-ray stars
July 18, 2000
: NASA Satellite Technology to Monitor Motor Vehicle Pollution
July 13, 2000
: New Cluster Mission to Provide Unprecedented Detail about Space Weather
July 11, 2000: Chandra Captures Flare from Brown Dwarf


June 22, 2000: New Images Suggest Present-Day Sources of Liquid on Mars
June 21, 2000
: Advanced Communication Satellite Ready to Serve New Millennium Space Projects June 19, 2000: More Accurate Space Storm Warnings Now Possible
June 13, 2000
: Back to the Garden: NASA Goes from Plants to Planets
June 13, 2000: New Rocket Technology Could Cut Mars Travel Time


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